super red trio
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   Super Duper Red’s

                  Hi Folk’s!

Only a few weeks left, shipping during the holiday season is just too risky due to the large volume of mail this time of year, we start again just after New Years!

This auction is for the actual fish you see!
One trio of these deep red bn pleco’s,

The first thing folks comment on when they come into our fish room is how really red they are, I got lucky with my breeders! And now you can too!

They are just under a year old, give them a cave and they should go straight to work!

They are also excellent tank cleaners, eating algae and left over foods from your other fish, and yes, you can keep them with any fish you want, they are non-aggressive veggie eaters, I have breeders in all my tanks, including shrimp, and they just do their thing!

Shipping is FREE, pay ONLY what you bid!

A food sample and mystery gift!

Thanks for looking! Good Luck!! Go Pack!!!
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