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    L-144 sub adult group!

                  Hi Folk’s!

Only two weeks left till we stop shipping for the holidays, don’t miss out!

This auction is for 5 L-144 Blue eye bn pleco’s, they are around 1.75 – 2 inches, and looks like 2 males and 3 females, the photos are of them, if interested in the chocolates check out our other auction for them!

BN Plecos are great tank cleaners; they get what your other fish miss, and love algae! They will rid your tank of it, they are just about ready for caves,
I would add them right away, let the males pick out there territories, add one more cave than pairs (in this case 3) this helps cut down on fighting for “the best one”

    Shipping is FREE! pay ONLY what you bid!

       A food sample and a Mystery gift!

    Thanks for looking! Good Luck!! Go Pack!!!
                   4 and 5 
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