pleco palooza
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Pleco Palooza!
Hi Folk's!
This auction is for 2 adult pairs of Chocolate bn pleco's
I keep bn plecos in all my tanks to help keep them clean, I went through a few and found all these adults, they are breeding age and just need a few caves to start your own colony,

they will get the foods your other fish miss, and love algae!

they are super easy to breed, and can live for 10+ years, max sixe around 4-6 inches, they can be kept with other non aggressive fish I even keep them in my shrimp tanks.

Shipping is still free, but there is a $5 box fee.

Thanks for looking! Good Luck!!
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  • Pleco Palooza is more of a cleaner than a pet. It ensures that there is no waste in the aquarium. Having a single one is enough for a normal aquarium. Hope to see other varieties of fishes you have. real estate image editing services

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