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Chocolate bn Pleco’s!

                   Hi Folk’s!

Only 2 weeks left, we start shipping again the 2nd week of January!

This auction is for 2 sexed pairs of these great little cats! (more pairs available)

You can see in the photo’s they are a dark chocolate, with little spots, they are great tank cleaners, left over foods, algae, they will get it all! These guy’s and gal’s are ready to go, just add caves and they will do the rest, it’s just that easy!
If you are interested in the L-144’s check out our other auction for them!

Shipping for this auction is $10, but if the auction goes over $25 Shipping will be FREE!

       A food sample and a Mystery gift!

    Thanks for looking! Good Luck!! Go Pack!!!
                   4 and 5
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